Iran Gains Time, and Splits the West, with Another Non-Deal


Once again, Obama has announced a “deal,” when in fact what has happened is that Iran has gained more time, has made no meaningful concessions, and has effectively split the Western negotiators.  This latter outcome is getting no attention as of yet, but is the most important.

The U.S. has made concessions, of course.  The upshot of them is that Iran gains time.  We have imposed a fatal condition on ourselves: going forward, we won’t continue pressing for Iran to shutter the uranium enrichment facility at Fordo, in a mountainside near Qom, or to cease building the plutonium reactor at Arak.

(Bret Stephens and many others point out that Obama specifically named both sites as facilities Iran needed to give up, to demonstrate truly peaceful intentions with her nuclear program.  We’ve given them up as bargaining points instead.)
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