Instead of Leveling the Playing Field Barack Obama Evens the Score


Anyone who does not believe that the thin-skinned, vindictive, acrimonious Barack Obama is more than capable of dictating the targeting criteria for the IRS chief is either hopelessly naïve or just plain stupid.

Over the years, America has witnessed Barack Obama veer off the teleprompter and bubble over with contempt for any person, news organization, or political group that doesn’t goose-step in time to his collective vision for America.

His attempts at verbal vengeance are not only pathetic and juvenile but, quite frankly, smack of a leader possessed by the spirit of despotism. That’s why it’s beginning to appear that Barack Obama might have been behind the effort by the IRS to systematically harass Americans based on political and religious persuasion.

Lest we forget, before the IRS scandal broke, the president had already attempted to publicly humiliate the Supreme Court for ruling on the side of free speech in the Citizens United case, attacked Americans for Prosperity, warned of attack ads “run by shadowy groups with harmless-sounding names” who he accused of being funded by a “foreign controlled entity.”

The president even went so far as to call conservative groups “insidious,” “a problem for democracy,” and guilty of “unsupervised spending.”

Based on his inability to hide his hostility, it’s quite possible that the President’s disparagement of his detractors may not have been enough to satiate his apparently unquenchable desire for retribution. Consequently, it appears as though it was Barack Obama who, in a retaliatory effort, may have wielded his “convening power” by funneling it through the IRS.

Between 2010 and 2012, right about the time the president began publicly challenging conservatives and calling Tea Party activists the vulgar sexual term “tea baggers,” the IRS began sending letters demanding that conservative and tea party groups seeking tax-exempt status provide training materials, personal information, donor lists, and even the content of religious invocations.

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