Insider Says USA Federal Technology Agency Using Communist China Model


by Ann-Marie Murrell

The following is an article that was sent to me by a trusted friend of mine in California. Because of direct involvement and inside information with this story, my source wishes to remain anonymous.

A recent article in details the recent years’ trials of a Chinese maverick–an entrepreneur who both succeeded in large-scale business ventures in China, and now is fighting the consequences of the Communist Party political agenda.

The last sentence of the article offers one striking description of what evolves from government business oversight: “The Chinese economy, including the private sector, is policy driven,” said Wan of Renmin University’s. “Foreign investors have to be sure about the direction that the Chinese government wants to go.” Translation: just because you have specific goals and aspirations for your business does not mean that the government shares those objectives.

Once the newly proposed U.S. Technology Department begins its agent training in private sector businesses, we will be in the first stage of an historically well-documented [communist]takeover of private sector industries. As described first-hand by a Chinese National business owner, the process is eerily similar to the newly proposed “training and exposure” Obama has in mind for his new agency.

First the government introduces (read this as “inserts”) one representative into the management team of a company to help gain experience with and learn more about the process and industry. Soon, they are “nominated” to the Board of Directors, as new Party reps are introduced into the company management team. Eventually, the Party members hold enough sway over the Board to redirect all policy decisions to Party policy.

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