From the Inside: The Million Veterans March On DC


This article was submitted by Mike Marshall, a North Carolina Patriot, Veteran, and member of the Stokes County Militia. Mike was also one of my official bodyguards when I speak at the Constitution Day Rally in North Carolina.

This is his personal account of participating in the Veterans March on DC.


by Mike Marshall

I have never liked being told that I can’t do something that I feel is within my rights to do. I have never been a fan of spiteful people either.

When our Government spends our money to close our parks to force our hand…..I call that spitebul BS. They are simply wasting more of our money to prove a point and try and play the blame game AGAIN.

So when some of the Militia suggested we go to DC I was all in. I wanted to see for myself what was going on. I wanted to do something. And I never miss an opportunity to hang out with Veterans and Patriots if I can help it.

So we went to DC Saturday afternoon in a a small convoy. 18 Stokes County Patriots wanting to be a part of it all. After a long trip up there and a short night of sleep, we got up at 0530 Sunday to catch the metro to the Memorial. Well, we caught the Metro to DC and of course had to walk miles(okay blocks but it seemed like miles) to the WW II Memorial.

We got there and it was already packed, truckers were circling through and blowing their horns, crowds were waving flags and signs and everyone was cheering. Then as we got up to the Memorial we realized that Ted Cruz was getting ready to speak…. I couldn’t get close enough to hear him but there was hundreds of people clapping and screaming so I guess he didn’t disappoint.

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