Inhofe Pro-Gun Amendment Could “Potentially Shut Down Parts of the United Nations”


Several gun owner rights victories have occurred recently in the united States Senate, including a vote that shut down the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. Among those victories is Senator Jim Inhofe’s amendment, which Gun Owners of America claims has the potential to shut down parts of the United Nations if they stay on course with the ATT.

First, Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) added a committee amendment to deal with Obama’s DOJ and their anti-gun Operation Choke Point. As a result, the bill wasn’t even taken out on the floor of the senate. Well done, Senator Crapo.

As you recall, Operation Choke Point was a huge overreach of federal powers by the usual criminal, Attorney General Eric Holder, which sought to strong arm gun businesses and other businesses the Justice Department deemed “risky” business, in order to put pressure on banks to sever ties with gun dealers.

Also, Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) was able to put in an amendment to shut down the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. The vote was 59-41.

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