Are Inexperienced 20-Somethings Doomed in the Job Market?


by Carly Hill

I got married at 20. Graduated at 22. Got my first job that year. Had a baby at 24. And now, I’m 27 and currently doing the job I always dreamed of doing. I’ve been very blessed and I guess I shimmied down the pathway of life-stages in the old-school American way.

I got through college on schedule, worked a few jobs that I didn’t love, and then started at the bottom, working my way up – pursuing what I’ve always been passionate about. I have peers though, who “took breaks” from college, continued living off of Mom and Dad and didn’t pursue a career. Do I have anything against them? Of course not. But, I do think that their life choices have put them behind when it comes to employment and chances of future employment.

My most favorite pundits were discussing this on The Five. The norm for Generation-Y has become living off of big government – staying on Mom and Dad’s insurance until they’re 26 (thanks a lot, Obamacare), and not getting the work experience they need in their twenties in order to be competitive in the job market when they reach their thirties.

This site is for Millennials, so I know this is a stretch, but put yourself in the shoes of a middle-aged business owner. Just pretend you’re your dad or something. Now, imagine trying to build a successful company and conducting job interviews. Who would you be more likely to hire – a twenty-something who lives with his parents and has never had a job in his life or a thirty year old who is living on their own and has been employed before? It’s a no-brainer. And, it’s not ageism either. It’s got nothing to do with the number of years you’ve been alive. Rather, it has everything to do with you growing up with an entitlement mindset. Our parents’ generation had their flaws, but they were hard working people. We’ve had it so easy. We just expect free and easy everything because that’s what the government has been feeding us.

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