Indoctrination works for years to come & Muslim women day at WaterWorld


Anti-Semitic indoctrination is supposedly still happening in German schools. Really? And anti-semitic violence is on the rise across Europe. Why is that?

This is proof positive that indoctrination of young people works. And it’s hard to re-train that out of them.

WaterWorld (UK) hosts a women-only event tailored around Sharia requirements… “Islamically appropriate” attire, female-only staff, blacked out windows to prevent men seeing women. Do you think this is ok, or not? How about if the event is held during NON-business hours?

Whoopi Goldberg asks, can Carly Fiorina be an effective leader with her strong Christian beliefs? Then hones in on abortion stance. Ok, now it makes sense. If you can’t find something to fault a candidate with, attack their belief system.

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