The Independents -Fox Reaches Past Its Core Conservative Audience


by Leslie Deinhammer

Fox Business Network recently launched The Independents, a program dedicated to the libertarian point of view on the domestic, cultural and economic news of the day. Fox seeks to capitalize on the momentum shift of libertarianism within its core audience. Hosted by MTV VJ, radio personality, and author Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, along with Reason magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Matt Welch, and entrepreneur and co-founder of the America’s Future Foundation, Kmele Foster, The Independents seek to engage audiences in a discussion of free market economics and civil liberties.

Fox Business seeks to piggyback on the success of the network’s late night sensation, Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld – a satirical round table with a loyal cult following who attributes its success to its “unprofessionalism.” The Independents, largely a spinoff of Red Eye guest panelists, hope to follow the success of other highly rated Fox programs like Red Eye, The O’Reilly Factor and The Kelly Files.

Fox has made previous attempts at drawing in the coveted 25 – 34 year old market. In 2007, Fox aired The ½ Hour News Hour as an answer to Comedy Central’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The 17-episode ½ Hour News Hour ended with abysmal results. The show’s contrived attempt at appearing savvy and satirical fell short; leaving critics panning the show as “heavy-handed,” “stiff” and “stale.”

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