The ‘Incredible Shrinking’ Obama


by Jeannie DeAngelis

For the last five years, every harebrained idea our neophyte president has come up with has been presented with his incessant campaign-style nagging along with threats of racism accusations if rejected.

Both of which have helped clear the way for the ridiculous things he’s offered up as serious policy proposals.

As a result, America now has healthcare reform we don’t want, 30 million illegal aliens boldly emerging from the shadows, and Americans feeling like foreigners in their own country.

The reason we’re in this position is that Barack Obama has fancied himself a president, a doctor, and an overseer of illegal immigrants, as well as economist and shovel-ready job creator. With an emphasis on birth control and abortion, he’s dabbled in gynecology, feminism and LGBT studies.

He’s been a theologian, a firearms expert, and a child-rearing authority, too.

Somehow, with fairy dust and sound effects, Barack Obama has managed to convince the nation that he’s a specialist on all subjects. What turned out to be true is that he is clearly master of none. Unfortunately for a country that has granted him carte blanche, rather than Obama stopping the “rising of the oceans,” America is drowning in his ineptitude.

Now, after gaying-up the armed forces and supporting various and sundry Middle East uprisings, the president is hoping to exercise his self-perceived military prowess by lobbing bombs and missiles in the direction of a nation whose gassing of 1,400 people is apparently more offensive to him than a madman threatening to annihilate the entire nation of Israel.

In other words, Barack Obama, the biggest enemy of the Second Amendment, is hoping to muster public support for bombing Syria from the very country he’s spent the last five years trying desperately to disarm.

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