Obama and his collaborators want us to believe that faithful Christians who will not depart from the moral convictions required by our faith, are for that reason a threat to America. Many decry this defamation of Christian character as an assault on Christians. Under the rubric of religious liberty, they are mounting a campaign to defend individuals and organizations against this assault. I applaud and support these efforts to stand by people like county clerk Kim Davis and the praying high school football coach Joe Kennedy. But when it comes to America’s political life, a good defense of Christians and other people acting in good conscience is not enough.

It is not enough defensively to decry the lie the Obama faction is deploying as a weapon against Christians and Christian moral principles. We must take the initiative to also speak and act in order to promote the truth about America’s way of life, and thus show up for what it is the lie about America and the real danger it faces, which Obama and his collaborators embody. That truth is clear: The fatal threat to America is the loss of Christianity, and the long campaign to sever our nation from its moral premises, which are rooted in the Christian understanding of the Creator, God.

The fatal threat to America is the abandonment of the understanding of God-endowed right and rights, including liberty, which God has made available to all. That understanding was made clear in and through Jesus Christ, even as it is written on the hearts of all who bear the title of humanity. It is intrinsic to God’s good intention for human existence. And it was, and must remain, the foundation, heart and soul of America’s decent character and way of life, or both its character and that way of life must perish.

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