In Beehive State, SOGI Bill Still Stings


While other states slam the brakes on local SOGI (sexual orientation-gender identity) ordinances, Utah is moving stubbornly ahead. Leaders in the state have managed to convince people that they can do something no one else has: strike a balance between special sexuality rights and religious liberty. While small businesses across America continue proving Utah wrong, the Mormon church is intent on pulling the legislation over the finish line.

On Friday, the state Senate voted in a landslide 23-5 to ignore the cautionary tales of the Houston, San Antonio, and Springfield ordinances and give government the license to punish anyone who doesn’t believe in their radical ideas of sexuality. While the LDS church insists the measure carves out exemptions for religious groups, the bill offers about as much coverage as a fig leaf. As usual, the Left trotted out their familiar — but misguided — comparisons between the homosexuality and the racial persecution of times past. “This is the civil rights issue of our time,” one of the Democratic senators exclaimed.

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