Immigration Levels Are About to Break a Record


Mexico’s newest surge of illegal immigration into the United States is about to break the 2014 record. Surges did not slow following this past August, as illegals and previously deported migrants are now paying top end smugglers extra money for VIP services to get over the border.

Based on conducted interviews by two immigration experts from the Wilson Center. The titled report,”Migrant Smuggling and Trafficking at the Rio Grande Valley,” makes the following claim:

“FY2016 has already seen the second highest number of apprehensions in the last five years, and will likely come close to or even exceed the number of apprehensions as the crisis year of 2014… Central Americans continue to arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border in surprising numbers. While they have not yet surpassed the peak of fiscal year 2014, August 2016 had the highest number of [unaccompanied children]and family unit apprehensions of any August in the past five years including 2014. Normally, apprehensions begin to decline in August because of the heat and the reduced demand for seasonal labor in the U.S. – which makes the increased apprehension numbers this August surprising,”

On average, illegal aliens pay about $6,000-$8,000 to get smuggled into the United States. The report provided explicit descriptions of the smuggling operations, some conducted by notorious cartels and drug traders.

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