I’m Mocked for Using the Word “Communist”!


by Victoria Jackson

At the WCS Meeting tonight, Oct. 20, “Williamson Strong” Progressives snickered when I mentioned that fake-Republican-Haslam appointed Obama-supporter Kevin Huffman (who is now implementing Common Core) to head up TN education…and, Obama is a Communist. I was so nervous about speaking in front of this antagonistic crowd that I can’t remember if I mixed my words up. I meant to explain that Progressive is the new word for Communist. And, that the creators of CC, including Bill Gates and David Coleman are all Progressives. I have loads of facts proving Obama’s Marxist worldview, his socialism that is now affecting each one of us with Obamacare and ObamaCORE, but I may have stumbled a bit in my communication. I was rushing.

I forgot to say my most important point, ‘it’s not about standards, it’s about control.’

It’s hard to be in the battle, the spiritual war for the soul of America, Ephesians 6:12. You must put up with lots of hateful snickering.

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