I’m All For Drugs, But, Not For Using Them


I’ve never done drugs. Never wanted to. Never tried to. And, probably never will – unless I’m forced against my will. No matter what sort of legislation is passed, it won’t affect my aversion to the idea of drugs. If ten years down the road, there are heroin syringes available in vending machines, I’m still not going for it.

But, I’m not against legalizing drugs.

Somewhere along the way, in my study of the political climate in this country, I found myself becoming a more libertarian-leaning conservative. When I say that, I get a lot of nasty comments. Die-hard conservatives hear the word “libertarian” and automatically think “GAY.MARRIAGE.ABORTION.DRUGS.ANARCHIST.” And yes, they think it in all caps and strung together just so.

The thing is, defining yourself as “libertarian-leaning” these days doesn’t have to mean any of those things. I’m for traditional marriage. I’m for all babies being born. I don’t intend on doing drugs or selling them. And, I do think that the government has a responsibility to enforce law and order. So, why do I have to include the “L” word in my self-proclaimed political view? Because I’m afraid that the modern-day conservative no longer stands for limited government.

Libertarianism, at its core, is all about limited government. Yes, murder should be illegal – DUH. But, the way I see it, the more that the government gets its hands on, the more we don’t even get to touch – meaning – major loss of freedom.

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