Illegals Stealing Better Jobs than You’re Told


Supporters of allowing illegal aliens to remain in the United States have long claimed that illegals only work in menial labor jobs that most Americans would not work at so they fill vital niche. Illegals supposedly work mostly in farming and services related jobs.

If these arguments are true, then how do these supporters of illegals explain the fact that the unemployment rate in Alabama dropped 1.1% in the first two months of passing strict immigration laws? Thousands of illegals left the state and evidently many residents were able to find jobs, causing the unemployment rate to drop. If illegals only took jobs that American citizens refuse to take, then how else do they explained this?

According to a new report from the folks at Pew Research Center, illegals are starting to fill more professional type jobs than the common perception portrays. Pew Reports:

“In a reflection of changes in the overall economy since the Great Recession, the U.S. unauthorized immigrant workforce now holds fewer blue-collar jobs and more white-collar ones than it did before the 2007-2009 recession…”

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