Illegals to Get Millions in Tax Refunds Thanks to Obama


I’ve known of many illegal aliens who work for cash under the table and never report their income. They don’t pay taxes and their employers also don’t pay into income taxes, Social Security or Medicare. Quite often, the illegals keep enough money to live on and then send the rest back to family in their home countries.
I recall a contractor some years ago who told an American citizen that he had no job openings. The citizen suspected that many of the contractor’s workers were illegals, so he did a little surveillance and research and found out that he was indeed hiring illegals and paying them cash under the table. Each day, a van would pull up to a location and fill up with illegals and they weren’t always the same illegals each day. After taking video over several days, he turned the information over to the authorities and the contractor was arrested and fined. After being busted and fined for using illegal workers and paying them under the table, the contractor was forced to hire legal American citizens and pay them above board. The American citizen was then hired by the contractor, who had no idea who it was that turned him in, the citizen was able to put food on his table and provide for his family.

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