Illegal Kills 1, Stabs Another, Abducts 6-Yr-Old Girl


Liberals protesting against President Donald Trump’s efforts to secure our border with Mexico and deport illegals, and those in favor of sanctuary cities, need to meet with the family of Nidia Gonzalez and explain to them why they want illegal immigrants to remain in US.

Last week, Gonzalez was in her home in Bridgeport, Connecticut, with her 6-year-old daughter Aylin and a friend. Feeling safe and secure the last thing they expected was the nightmare of their lives.

According to reports, Oscar Obedio Hernandez entered the home, stabbed Gonzalez to death, stabbed her friend multiple times and left her for dead and then abducted Aylin. An Amber Alert was issued for Hernandez which led to a police chase on the highway, which ended in Pennsylvania.

Gonzalez is dead, her friend is in a local hospital in critical but stable condition and is expected to recover from her multiple stab wounds and young Aylin was found unharmed and has been returned to Connecticut and is with family.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials confirmed late Friday that Hernandez, a citizen of El Salvador, was issued a final order of removal by an immigration judge on Oct. 29, 2013.”

“‘He was removed from the United States by ICE officers in Hartford on Nov. 27, 2013,’ Shawn Neudauer, an ICE spokesman, said in a statement. ‘He has prior felony convictions from 2002 for assault and threatening, as well as several misdemeanor convictions. ICE has placed an immigration detainer with the Bridgeport Police Department’.”

Had Obama taken the issues of border security and enforcement of federal immigration laws seriously, chances are that Hernandez would not have been back in the US illegally again, Gonzalez would still be alive and enjoying her young daughter and her friend would not be in critical condition in a Connecticut hospital.

Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, along with other governors, invited Obama on numerous occasions to come and visit the border for himself to see the dangers and rampant crossings by illegals and drug traffickers. He refused every offer and then had the audacity to tell the nation the border was secure.

Many critics say a border wall isn’t that effective in stopping illegal immigration but they don’t have all their facts right.

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