Illegal Immigration: Who’s to Blame & What Needs to be Done


America has a serious problem with illegal immigration. It’s been out of control for decades, long before Barack Obama stole the White House. I recall seeing illegal Hispanics in Arizona back in the 1960s. Back then it was easy to spot the illegals because any time they saw any kind of government vehicle, they would run and hide. Today they just ignore Border Patrol agents and even flip them off.

Our border with Mexico has always been an open border allowing illegal immigration in both directions. Geronimo, the famous Apache chief from southern Arizona frequently traveled to Mexico to escape American soldiers. Mexican banditos would cross the Rio Grande River into Texas to escape Mexican federales.

No president in US history has ever taken proper measures to secure the border. Some have given half-hearted attempts by placing Border Patrol agents along the border in certain areas or by building fences that have never been completed. I admit that the cost of fencing the nearly 2,000 mile border with Mexico would be outrageously expensive and illegal always seem to find a way over or under any fence.
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