Illegal Immigrant Confesses to Murdering Co-Worker & Setting Her On Fire


Juan Jimenez-Olivera, one of Obama’s free range illegal alien criminals, just confessed to murdering his co-worker at a pizza parlor, Sviatlana Dranko, in 2014. What they don’t make obvious in the reporting is that the first thing this scum did was rape the woman. Then, he put a pillow case over her head and suffocated her. He stole $6,000 from her to boot. Then he set her and her home on fire to try and cover up what he did. He turned himself in two days after the murder took place, probably thinking they would go easier on him. He had a $1 million bond set that the judge revoked. Get this… in exchange for pleading guilty, they dropped the aggravated sexual assault charge. What’s worse than that? Well, he’s an illegal immigrant. So, instead of the 35 year sentence he just received, he may just be deported. Which means he could wind up right back at it on our streets. How’s that for justice?
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