I’ll Tell You What’s Wrong with Conservatives


by Allen West

It’s been a fairly long day and just got to my hotel room near the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky airport. I spoke this evening at Miami (Ohio) University as invited by the Campus Republicans, part of the Young America’s Foundation speaker series.

A few weeks ago I spoke at Northwestern University. There was a good mix of students and adults from the local community this evening, even some folks had driven up from Kentucky. The topic was the future of conservatism and the economy.

I am often asked, what is wrong with conservatism? My response? Nothing.

What is wrong with conservatism is that it is not clearly articulated and delineated from progressive socialism, to the level of the effect upon the average American. As well, it is a matter of the image conveying the message.

Progressives package a losing message in an image that draws attention. It seems cool and exciting — Bill Clinton playing a saxophone on Arsenio Hall, Barack Obama and his iambic pentameter rhythmic empty rhetoric and large smile. We must understand that elections these days, especially at the national level, have two components: image and message.

Because we live in such a visual soundbite mentality America, we conservatives must win the image battle first. The conservative message is superior to the message of deception, dependency, despair, despondency, and desperation offered by liberal socialists.

It really comes down to strategic marketing and micro-targeting to every segment in America. No, I do not advocate the liberal method of “balkanizing” Americans into collectives which they pit against each other. I mean that conservatives must take their message as a means of policy inclusiveness across America.

We must boil down the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty, free market principles, and strong national defense into positions relevant to every American. We must reignite a sense of pride in each person in order to destroy the burgeoning welfare nanny-state.

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