I’ll Be a Fugitive Before I Get Obamacare


Guest Post By: Jared Barilovits Bahrilluvits

The Obama administration has severely overstepped their bounds. They have extended encroachments on our freedoms to an alarming extent. I hoped he would do well as our first black president because I hoped it would help race relations, but as soon as he started preaching “change”, he lost any chance of ever gaining my support. The only change this country could use is a 100 year repeal of laws and government involvement in private affairs and business.

I have not yet and do not plan to even visit that healthcare website and I’ll be a fugitive if they try to make me pay a fine for not buying insurance. I’m young and I know that’s not synonymous with invincibility, but I refuse to buy government controlled insurance as a matter of principle. I’m not even ok with the fact that they can fine us for not wearing a seatbelt despite the fact that I personally choose to wear mine on every trip anyways. Who are they to tell me that I have to take precautions to safegaurd my own life? It’s MY life!

They have spat on the constitution that once protected our liberty and now impose their will on us liberally. It is because of the Obama administration and like minded politicians and weak minded voters before them that what was once the land of opportunity is now the land of entitlement and laziness.

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