If It Weren’t For Double Standards, Liberals Wouldn’t Have Any


Reading the latest headlines, it just doesn’t seem to matter what this administration does (unless you’re a conservative who realizes our rights are being systematically removed). The double standards are astounding. Imagine the media firestorm if Alec Baldwin, with his continuous racist rants, was a Republican! He wouldn’t stand a chance and would have been fired from his credit card gig long ago. Meanwhile, many on the Right remain complacent and uninvolved, reminding me of the example Glenn Beck uses about the frog in the pot. If you try to put a frog in boiling water, it jumps out; but if you slowly heat it up, you get boiled frog. Well guess what, folks? We’re boiling over!

My mother was a young girl living in Frankfurt, Germany during World War 2. When I was growing up, she told me things that went way beyond what I was taught in school. Mother recalled how admired Hitler was when he promised to change the country for the better and how he did just that. Before she was shipped off to Poland (and later, Russia) for her protection, she saw friends die and she saw Jews being stolen away. Many have recognized the similarities with today’s administration and how our rights being taken away. I often wonder if my mother would have seen this, but as a lifelong Democrat, I don’t think so. Whenever conservatives compare the actions of Hitler (or Lenin, Mussolini, etc.) to President Obama and his goons, liberals either argue the semantics of the politics (“No, Hitler was a fascist!”) or they laugh, claiming any comparison is ridiculous.

I contend that news of the newly released Insider Threat Program (developed in 2011 after the Manning/Wikileaks scandal) proves how far Obama will go to try and prevent his dirty tricks from being exposed. Bottom line, if you don’t play along, you can go to prison. Sounds Marxist to me, if we want to talk semantics.

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