If Godly Men Should Stay Out of Politics, God is the Biggest Offender


Public officials are servants of God, according to Romans 13, whether they know it or not, and it is the job of the servants of God who fill our pulpits to faithfully remind public officials of their accountability to God and his truth.

Some today still argue that the church and its leaders should just stay out of politics because it’s such a dirty business. Well, that’s exactly why the church should be involved – somebody has got to start cleaning up that mess.

The church is called to be the “salt of the earth,” which means the salt has to get out of the shaker (the four walls of the church) and into society. And the church is called to be the “light of the world,” which means it needs to take its light out from under the bushel (the four walls of the church) and shine its light into every darkened corner in our world, including the world of politics.

From virtually the beginning of the Bible to its end, God is shown constantly raising up men of faith to be political leaders. Almost every major figure in the Old Testament was a political leader, whether that figure was Joseph or Moses or Joshua or the judges or the kings of Judah and Israel, starting with Saul and David and Solomon.

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