I Smell A Racist Rat – Barry, Al and Jessie


To quote the late Slim Pickens, ”What in the wide wide world of sports is a goin on here?”

Our Opportunist-in-Chief is desperate to make the scandals that plague his corrupt regime go away. He can’t undo his wrong doing, but he doesn’t need to. Barry’s got a plan. All criminals need a good plan to keep from getting caught or arrested. Timing is important too. You don’t want to expose your hand too soon or misplay it. Right on cue, here’s poor little “innocent black” Trayvon to the rescue. Barry’s always been quick to play the race card. He’s made his career out of racial tension and it’s as natural to him as reading a teleprompter.

Good thing for Barry that Trayvon was black or none of this would have been possible. Imagine the Reality TV Entertainment Networks like CNN, MSNBC, NBC or even Fox getting involved in vigils for dead white kids. Visualize Al “snake oil” Sharpton, Jessie “where’s the camera” Jackson, or any of the other less notable television racist blabber-mouths getting involved or worked up about a non-black death? Sure, it’s a ridiculous proposition, I know. I’m just trying to make a point.

Trayvon’s parents seem quite content to convert their personal tragedy into race-based fame by supporting the use of their son as a political prop. After all, what more worthy cause to champion than the cover-up of crimes by the first half-black president? Barry gratuitously using dead people as props, how many times have we seen that before? Colorado, Connecticut, Benghazi, Afghanistan, I lose track.

And since Zimmerman is half white, making him as Hispanic as Barry is black, one would think that all of the outraged “intellectuals” running around creating chaos in the streets would be clamoring for an end to the amnesty bill Barry is pushing. Of course, that won’t happen because it doesn’t further the agenda of our great dear leader. These mindless pawns with their selective outrage can’t miss out on another Rodney King style shopping spree at your local neighborhood street party. Need a flat screen?

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