by David L. Goetsch

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It stands to reason that most Hollywood actors, directors, and producers would be liberals because Hollywood is all about fantasyland, that place that does not exist but where liberals are most comfortable. There are a few notable exceptions, but for the most part Hollywood is synonymous with liberalism. I do not begrudge Hollywood types their political views, but I do wish those views were better informed and less hypocritical. What chaps me about Hollywood is that it is filled with people who are quick to criticize the very nation that made their stardom and financial success possible.

Think about it. Actors are entertainers. They make their living doing the same thing little children do: playing let’s pretend. They do not invent new technologies that improve the quality of life. They do not conduct agricultural research that feeds starving children in faraway places. They do not start companies that employ hundreds of people and give them a chance to be self-supporting. Hollywood actors—no matter how good or bad—are just entertainers. They inhabit the land of fantasy. No matter how much we enjoy a given movie, in the final analysis it is nothing more than a brief vicarious diversion from reality. Of course, those of us who have real jobs and real lives can use a little vicarious diversion every now and then, so movies can serve a positive purpose. But people who watch movies and those who make them need to remember that movies are just that: movies. They do not convey upon those who make them any special knowledge or insights into politics.

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