Hungary & Head of German Police Union Smarter Than Obama


Over the past year the media has been busy touting the cause of the thousands of Islamic refugees fleeing Syria and other neighboring areas because of ISIS. We’ve watched as they have migrated north into Europe, trying to cross one national border after another. The media continues to present their story and vilifies anyone or any nation that refuses to let them in.

The media completely ignores the huge financial and security impact that the refuges are placing on some of these countries. Many European nations are on the brink of bankruptcy and cannot afford to start paying out millions of Euros to support the refugees. Some of the countries have expressed concern about the security risks, stating that they suspect members of ISIS have been hiding among the refugees in order to spread their terrorism into other countries.

Hungary ended up completely closing their border to the refugees so the refugees have turned to Croatia who is now being flooded with the Islamic refugees and has been asking neighboring countries to take thousands of refugees off their hands. They asked Slovenia to take 5,000 refugees per day, but Slovenia said no, they can’t take that many. Neighboring Austria has reduced the number of refugees they are allowing to cross the border to only 1,500 per day and even that is stretching their abilities.
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