Humans Everywhere Panicking After Realizing Sunday is Father’s Day


I don’t know about you, but the same thing happens to me every year on the weeks of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Maybe it has something to do with the laid back, calendar-free feel of summertime. Who knows? All I know is that I’ve probably yet to send a snail-mail card or gift or bouquet on one of these holidays without having to pay for next-day shipping.

Not to be ageist, but this isn’t a problem that any of my grandparents have. My grandma never misses an opportunity to mail me a card. I think it has to do with the fact that in her present life stage, mailing cards is what’s on the agenda. We Millennial folk are busier than busy bees. Mailing out cards (a lost art) is the last thing on our agenda. And, we all know that an e-card won’t do. Sending an e-card to anyone in the Baby Boomers generation or older is worse than not sending a card at all. AmIRight?

I am totally being agist right now, aren’t I? When you look up “ageism” on Yahoo (I use Yahoo instead of Google because I assume the government hasn’t gotten to them yet), you mostly see news stories of Baby Boomers reporting discrimination in the work place based on their age. Companies are hiring younger and getting rid of the older people who are stuck in their ways.

So, first thing to say about that – I agree that there is preferential treatment to young people in the work place. Second thing to say about that – I think its often with good reason. Older people (generalization alert) tend to be set in their ways. Young people are typically more adaptable, ready to learn new procedures, less financially demanding, etc.

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