How’s It Look From Under The Bus, Mrs. Sebelius?


by Spencer Brown

The Obama bus has struck again.

No, not the giant Oprah-bus campaign behemoth, the career-ending bus that has come to be synonymous with the Obama administration.

It’s made stops at Benghazi hearings, NSA hearings, and now it’s parked itself squarely on top of Kathleen Sebelius’ chair. She’s been tossed under its scrutinizing wheels just as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in the wake of Benghazi-gate.

It seems that working for the Obama administration has become exceedingly dangerous, and cabinet members have been mowed down for a variety of reasons, mainly for costing the President valuable (and now rare) political capital and public perception points. With his approval ratings tanking and both “phony” and real scandals dropping like the sandals of a family at the ocean for the first time, the need to give angry Americans some chum is strong.

So what’s an egomaniac like the President to do when problem after problem comes knocking at his door? Clearly, taking responsibility for the problems that happened on his watch would be unthinkable, so he has one of his cabinet’s expendable crewmen take the heat (and usually the fall). This week the bus came for the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius.

Sebelius was called to testify before Congress regarding the wreck that is the Obamacare website launch. Clearly it failed, and clearly much of what the president promised about the healthcare law was false. Americans are being dropped by their insurance companies, and after what has become a long and problem filled process, shocked to see the prices for their new plans.
Affordable healthcare? Yeah right.

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