How to Stop Liberalism and Retake America: But Will You Do It?


With the latest ruling by the Supreme Court on same-sex marriage, your children will be indoctrinated in the new sexual faith. Douglas Wilson writes:

“If your children remain in the government schools, there is now no legal way for them to be taught any normal view of human sexuality. And, depend upon it, they will be taught the other kinds. And second, they will be taught an approach to civics that sees nothing wrong with the Supreme Court’s juridical putsch here, and that is just as worrisome.”

Don’t think you’re going to turn the government schools around. Conservatives have been trying to do it for more than 50 years. The schools have only gotten ideologically worse, more expensive, and federally controlled by a multi-billion dollar bureaucracy.

Many will argue, “Well, the schools where my children attend are different.” Maybe in degree they are. Keep in mind that the parents of children of the schools that are supposedly not as good as yours are saying the same thing about their schools.
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