How to Bring the NSA and CIA Under Control in One Step


What is the solution to the problem of the NSA and CIA? We know that the two organizations are not limited by their original charters, namely, to monitor the activities only of foreigners who might be a threat to the security of the United States, and never Americans.

Every organization in the government wants to get bigger: more power, more money, more employees. There is a process known as bureaucratic creep. Why is this? Because career promotions in a bureaucracy are based on the number of people who are under your authority. The more people your department hires, the more likely you will rise in the pyramid of power and pay. This is part of what is known as Parkinson’s law. The famous version is this: “Work expands so as to fill the time allotted for its completion.” But the more important aspect of this law is the law of bureaucratic growth. He published this in 1955, and it is still worth reading. Note: the context of the discussion was the growth of the military. This is basic to my suggested reform.

It is officially assumed by the NSA and CIA that terrorists outside the United States who may be plotting against the United States will inevitably get into communication with people who are inside the United States. This assumes that terrorists have not figured this out, and they therefore still use digital communications. It assumes that they are not imitating Osama bin Laden, who was never caught transmitting digitally. The moment that the NSA and the CIA persuade the President and Congress that the terrorists will communicate with people inside the USA, they justify their practice of subjecting the entire population of the United States to total monitoring. This justification is sometimes called “six degrees of separation.” It is more commonly known as the Kevin Bacon game.

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