How to Beat the State, the Bureaucrats, and the IRS


There is no need for government schools. In fact, government (public) schools are our nation’s biggest enemy. They are liberalism’s false churches with their own priesthood and sacred texts. Education is where the power is. Government schools feed the law schools, and the law schools feed Congress and the courts. The State gives its seal of approval and disapproval on who will teach and what will be taught.

The cycle of indoctrination continues every year as a new class of students enters liberalism’s churches at the front door and another class graduates to attend liberalism’s seminaries at the back door – the State-run colleges.

And they do this with our own money. We supply the rope that the State is using to hang us.

By disrupting the supply line, the machine grinding out statist clones and puppets that love Big Brother ceases to function. At this point in time there is no one to stop us from leaving the government schools.

Unfortunately, too many Americans, many of them pastors, love government education.

By abandoning the government schools the State no longer has control over the hearts and minds of millions of future citizens.

If you are not willing to make a small sacrifice now – the education of your own children and paying for that education in time and money – then you are not ready to fight an ideological and cultural war. The price you will pay later will be much higher. Now is the time to act. Now is the time to starve the Beast.

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