How the Left has Coarsened American Society


When observing what has become of American society, I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when she said: “I don’t think this is Kansas, Toto.” Our country is no longer the America I grew up in or that Alexis de Tocqueville claimed “Is great because it is good.” Due primarily to the nefarious machinations of the left, American society has been coarsened to the point it is unrecognizable to anyone over 60 years of age. In fact, we have developed what Governor Mike Huckabee calls “a culture of crude” (See his new book God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy). American society now actually rewards crudeness, particularly on television and in the movies. Gratuitous violence, vulgarity, and lewd behavior have now supplanted well-written scripts and talented acting in the entertainment industry.

Commenting on how television and movie stars are rewarded for coarseness now that America has developed a “Culture of Crude” Huckabee writes: “…the next generation of young stars were making their mark in the entertainment industry, not for any display of exceptional talent, but for the shameless and tasteless display of their quite ordinary private parts. Every human has sexual parts but not every human is endowed with truly great talent for singing, dancing, acting, or playing an instrument. Removing one’s clothing is not especially unique—most people do it every day. But to celebrate an especially vulgar and graceless way of undressing by making it the centerpiece of a stage act is a sad substitute for real talent. Even sadder is that our culture has sunk so low that lewd behavior is rewarded in the marketplace with increased sales.”
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