How Property Taxes Demonstrate We Are Not Free


Freedom is being able to say no. I have a friend who recently had the sheriff’s deputies remove him and his family from his home for not paying his property taxes. I found this very disturbing, as it really drives home the point of how little freedom we have left.

When this country was founded, land was considered to be owned by the king. The king would divide it among the people he favored and they would lease it to people to live on it. This is where the term “land lord” came from, as the land was divided amongst lords and dukes and other titled people. It was the feudal system and the main problem is, if you can never own land, it is difficult to ever store wealth or to obtain wealth.

The founders wanted land to be allodial. Some state constitutions demand that land be allodial and prohibited feudal tenures of every description. I find property tax very troubling as I believe it violates the constitution in many ways. If I buy something and obtain ownership of something, I pay for it and when I pay the agreed upon price, I am done paying. If I rent something, I get to use it only as long as I pay the rent. There lies the problem property tax is, rent payments for land people are supposed to own. This begs the question of what gave the government the right to take control of all land so they could charge rent on it forever.

I know many are going to say that the Supreme Court says it is constitutional and, therefore, it is okay. Frankly, I say that is a bunch of hooey. The clowns in the black gowns are not going to say money that gets taken and that they benefit from is unconstitutional. Normally, it would be a conflict of interest for a judge to preside over something they benefit from, but that has never stopped them in tax court.
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