How Many Islamic Terrorists Are Required To Label It An Islamic Terrorist Attack?


In times past, and especially during the Cold War era, covert
means were employed by both sides in an effort to sidetrack,
disable and bring to nought all efforts of the perceived enemy to
gain an upper hand.  Propaganda was, and still is, used to spread
lies and disinformation; and it works.  Spies and moles are used
to get inside information and secrets and spread discord among
the enemy.  All these tactics are used by many countries against
their pereceived enemies and even against their friends.  With
distrust running high around the world, no government is truly
safe against hacks and attacks.  So what is the solution?

Well, the way we seem to find the most interesting is to just
open the gates and let the Trojan Horse in.  Hire the enemy to
train the guard, advise on security, place in high positions so
as to grant authority to whatever devious plans he hatches.
Invite them into the “inner chambers,” bless their activities and
even make special honor of their “feast days.”
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