How has Detroit Gone from Wealthiest to Poorest in just 50 Years?


A few years ago, the funny and intelligent Steven Crowder took his show, Louder with Crowder, on the road to Detroit, Michigan to show how the nation’s best example of liberal government at work has taken what was once America’s wealthiest city and destroyed it.

It really is shocking to see what has happened to Detroit over the last 50 years, especially when one considers that in 1960 Detroit was America’s wealthiest city, and her citizens were among the most prosperous in the nation. Today, Detroit ranks 66 out of 68 in terms of median household income, and half the city has become vacant, run down and condemned to demolition.

However, the problem has most certainly not been lack of money, as the federal and state dollars continue to pour into Detroit unabated. For example, while Detroit has some of the worst schools in America and a student in Detroit is more likely to go to prison than to graduate from High School, but Detroit spends more than $11,000 per student on education, which is almost $1500 more than the national average!
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