How to Stand Up to Pot, Gay and Radical Islamic Propaganda


In cities across America, advocates of the well-funded and well-organized “Yes we Cannabis!”  movement are in full swing. So too are the proponents of “Marriage Equality Through Same-sex Unions” and “Islam is a Religion of Peace” promoters. They are aggressive in advancing their cause.

Today many want to simply live and let live by avoiding conflict and controversy in these areas. “I may not agree, but it really doesn’t affect me or my family.”

What happens when it does?

Five years ago I began work on an educational video, “Is Gay Okay? 10 Things Everyone Needs to Know” [Go to to view]. Initially people scoffed at the warnings regarding loss of religious freedoms and changing of laws to accommodate the LGBTQ agenda. A church in which I was involved actually told me it would be a “deal-breaker” if I released it! Now the prophetic alert has become reality. Ask the Atlanta Fire Department chief just fired after 30 years of service when things got personal for him! How about pastors reading in Time magazine of an evangelical megachurch (ten minutes from my home) announcing, “We’re opening the door for gays in all aspects of the church – marriage, communion, leadership, etc.”
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