“How Corporate America Invented Christian America” is Liberal Tripe in a Book


Leftwing college professors love nothing better than attacking Christianity unless, of course, it is attacking corporate America. Consequently, among elitist Ivy League college professors Princeton historian Kevin Kruse is thought to have hit a homerun. His new book One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America is a liberal’s dream in that it manages to simultaneously attack both Christianity and corporations. In fact, according to Kruse Christian America is the invention of corporate America. You read that right. This liberal college professor attributes the few dangling threads of Christian thought that still remain in today’s increasingly secular-humanist society not to our nation’s founders, not to the church, and not to believers, but to corporate tycoons.

In reality, not only did Kruse fail to hit a home run with his new book—he struck out. There is one glaring problem with his new book: it is inaccurate in its portrayal of both Christianity and corporations. It also misrepresents the motives of business leaders who believed that Christian values were good for America. In fact, the book is 384 pages of mushy-headed liberal tripe—a chronicle of leftist thought from cover to cover that is predictable in its bias, condescending in its tone, and inaccurate in its content. Don’t get me wrong, Kruse cites numerous examples of where business leaders have attempted to promulgate the values and tenets of Christianity and the citations are accurate for as far as they go. Where he goes off track is in denouncing business leaders for doing so. When Kruse writes about business leaders advocating Christian slogans and values, he comes across as a leftwing version of Elmer Gantry condemning corporate devils.
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