Houston Has a Much Bigger Problem than HERO, Bathrooms


On November 3, 2015 Houstonians will vote to repeal a city council ordinance, HERO. While outgoing Mayor Annise Parker continues to fixate on public bathrooms, she and the rest of Houston’s leaders ignore and jeopardize the safety of their residents.

Houston is facing enormous multiple crises.

Houston is the third largest hub for human trafficking in the U.S. According to the FBI the largest number of reported trafficked children is enslaved in Houston.

Houston is the fourth largest city in America that serves as a primary arrival and distribution center for illicit drug smuggling. The billion dollar trade of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, oxycodone and methamphetamine has profoundly increased Houston’s violent crime rate, which for years has more than doubled the national average.

Yet Annise Parker is obsessed with bathrooms.

Within this trafficking network exists a steady infiltration of Islamists, funded and supported by IRS-sanctioned non-profit “religious” organizations such as CAIR, the Islamic Society of Greater Houston, the Al Maghrib Institute,the Muslim Brotherhood, Muslims of America’s (MOA), the Muslim Model Community of Texas, First Muslims of Texas, and others. Islamists are funneled to MOA’s Dawah Center in Houston, a “worship” or “outreach” center that teaches, networks, and relocates Islamists to other parts of Texas and the country.
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