Some House Republicans trying to slip amnesty into NDAA bill


by Allen West

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During my term in the U.S. Congress I served on the House Armed Services Committee. One of the major pieces of legislation produced out of that committee is the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

There have been countless baseless allegations that in my support of the 2011 NDAA, I consented with indefinite detention of American citizens by our military. The NDAA is the authorizing document for missions and requirements for the military, setting the conditions for appropriations. I served in our military for 22 years and if anyone on Capitol Hill is familiar with missions and requirements, I certainly was.

That experience resulted in my selection for the NDAA conference committee with the Senate members. I studied the bill carefully and saw that specific language addressed the issue, as some of us recommended. However, others sought to assume what they wanted to believe existed.

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