Homosexuals Making Way For Foreign Law In America


The [homosexuals]are being used in an attempt to overthrow God’s moral law in hopes of upending the United States Constitution. They are doing this by playing the victims when they are the perpetrators. Inadvertently or purposefully they are being used as a political battering ram to make way for foreign law and its implementation through totalitarian methods. There is no question about it.

Not only do we have the radical Islamists crying that they are victims of “Islamophobia,” but are now going so far as to pin on anyone that does not accept their “doctrine of devils” the label of “haters.” (1 Timothy 4:1)

Where have Islamists learned these systematic methodologies and lessons?

We have even found that recently the radical Muslims who have been taking lessons from their predecessors, the homosexuals, have taken it a step further. The radical Muslims have now been exposed for creating their own self-inflicted “Hate crimes.”
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