Homosexual “Christians”: A Contradiction in Terms?


I have stopped debating homosexuals concerning their lifestyle and even the issue of same-sex marriage. Why? It is because in most cases homosexuals and I are speaking two different languages. It finally dawned on me that presenting my case on the basis of Biblical proscription is like speaking a foreign language to people who do not believe in Holy Scripture and have no intention of heeding its admonitions. People who think it is right to do something simply because they want to do it cannot be reasoned with. Therefore, when it comes to discussions with those who advocate on behalf of the homosexual agenda, we will just have to agree to disagree. This said, I will and do still debate with people who claim to be homosexuals and Christians.

At a recent same-sex-marriage rally one individual held a sign that read: “I am gay and a Christian.” I was taken aback by the sign. In fact, I can remember thinking “Hold on here—gay and Christian? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?” Making such a claim is akin to saying, “I am an adulterer and a faithful spouse.” But apparently, acknowledging the validity of gay “Christians” is the next big goal of the homosexual community. Gays believe they have already won the same-sex-marriage debate and, frankly, they are probably right—at least for the time being. Although, I do believe they are overplaying their hand by forcing businesses to go out of business and are going to eventually create a backlash that won’t be pretty.

So the functional question then becomes this: Can an individual be a committed homosexual and a committed Christian? After thinking this one over for a while, I have come to the conclusion that committed homosexual and committed Christian are not just contradictory terms, they are mutually exclusive. An individual can certainly be a wayward Christian and a homosexual, just as a thief, adulterer, and any other sinner can. But sinners who claim to be a Christians while refusing to acknowledge their sins and refusing to repent of them are just fooling themselves. So-called Christians who simply ignore those inconvenient parts of the Bible that clearly proscribe the choices they are making in life as well as those who distort the Word of God so they can claim what they know is wrong to be right may fool themselves and others, but they are not fooling God. The teachings of Holy Scripture and the lifestyles of homosexuals are clearly at odds and no amount of social pressure, government coercion, political correctness, or blatant bullying can change this fact. The Bible’s teaching on homosexuality is clear and cannot be ignored by those who claim to be Christians—homosexuals or heterosexuals.
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