Homeschoolers Beware: Ohio Under Attack!


by Macey France

There’s a disturbing new law being proposed in Ohio. It will fundamentally change homeschoolers lives and bring the government right into their homes.

Teddy’s Law is being sponsored by Capri Cafaro (D), Ohio district 32.

Here are the main points of Teddy’s Law, so named for the teenager that died from child abuse at the hands of his mother’s boyfriend. Teddy was pulled out of a brick and mortar school and homeschooled; according to Cafaro this was so they could hide the abuse.

According to a press release from Parent Led Reform, dated December 18, 2013:

If “Teddy’s Law” passes, homeschoolers in Ohio will need to undergo a social services litmus test requiring background checks, home visits, and interviews of children, before given permission to teach their children at home. News reports indicate that abuse had been reported for years prior to the Teddy’s death. Yet which, if any, serious interventions were made by government authorities charged with investigating such allegations are still in question.

Cafaro says, “The objective there is to make sure the child services agency has all the information on that family that is looking to home school that child and then they refer that “Yay” or “Nay” should this child be educated at home, and they pass that along to the superintendent of schools and the process goes from there,” said Cafaro.”

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