Homeland Security Whistleblower Testimony: MUST WATCH!


Newly retired Department of Homeland Security agent Philip Haney testified Tuesday before a Judiciary subcommittee, explaining how the Obama administration is erasing references of Islamic terror from official documents.


According to Breitbart, Haney was a founding member of the Passenger Analysis Unit, or PAU, under the Customs and Border Protection department. 

PAU was established in 2003 as a stand-alone agency, charged with “vetting, investigating, finding addresses, making connections and “putting the dots together” on persons entering the United States who might be security threats.

PAU cross-checks information on new entrants – visas, passports, travels patterns, family connections – looking for anything within their “universe” that might be a red flag to terror threat.

 Haney relayed to Breitbart in December 2015 that during his time at PAU, he discovered a large number of Tablighi Jamaat members were entering the U.S. on a visa waiver program, and traveling to mosques all over the country.
They had British (E.U.)  passports, coming from the U.K. or countries that had Commonwealth rights, which made it simple for them to enter the U.S.

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