Homeland Security: ‘Nearly impossible’ to keep terrorists from coming in with Refugees


As reports come in about Syrian refugees set to flood the United States – nearly 100,000 in the next two years – security experts are warning there could be serious unintended consequences, in the form of terrorists.

Erie County in western New York has indicated that 300 such refugees will be accepted.

Homeland Security Program Director Steven MacMartin is warning that it will be nearly impossible to prevent ISIS terrorists from being part of those coming into America, and by extension, New York.

Via TWC News:

“You can’t rush the vetting process,” Medaille Homeland Security Program Director Steven MacMartin said.   “There’s going to be problems with the vetting process. I don’t see it as a problem that can be solved easily.”

The former Homeland Security agent believes it will be nearly impossible for the U.S. to keep ISIS terrorists from infiltrating the group.

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