Has Hollywood Seen the Light? Biblical Films Abound


by Luke Hamilton

Image via nito / Shutterstock.com

I miss the days when Hollywood ignored God. Until recently, the fastest way to kill your career in Tinseltown was to utter that three-letter-word: G-O-D. If you were to drop the G-bomb in Hollywood without following up with “damn” or a genuflection to L. Ron Hubbard, you’d find yourself staring at a lot of slammed doors. The only thing studio producers and directors enjoy more than ignoring God is slandering Him. All that began changing several years ago, when films which openly spoke about God and religious belief had surprisingly strong showings at the box office. Films like The Passion of the Christ, which grossed $370m and earned 3 Oscar nominations, and The Blind Side, which grossed $300m with 2 Oscar nominations, have really challenged the rabidly anti-theistic predilections of many Hollywood moguls.

Studios in Hollywood are waking up to the fact that Bible-believing Americans love to support films which speak of them and to them. In response, producers have packed the assembly line with films like Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, a mini-series remake of The 10 Commandments produced by Harvey Weinstein, and a reboot of the Left Behind series, starring Nicholas Cage. Before we start applauding the miraculous conversion of the film and television industry, let’s remember that studio producers have allegiance to their pocketbooks (first), their leftist political ideologies (second), and their respect for God and His people (never). We assume incorrectly that Hollywood is godless; there is a god in Hollywood and his name is Mammon.

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