Hollywood Propagandists


Hollywood has been tripping all over itself to support and further the policies of Barack Obama.

As the nation remains in economic distress and is herded toward the healthcare reform it largely rejects, and as Conservatives, Christians and Jews are suffering a backhanded form of persecution, Hollywood propagandists continue to prop up Obama by serving his every marketing need.

Hollywood campaigned for Barack Obama in both 2008 and 2012. Over the last four years, many Hollywood stars haven taken the right-to-choose/pro-Obama pledge; they’ve discussed border security with him, they’ve danced and eaten at the White House, spoken at the 2012 Convention, toured the Situation Room, and raised millions of dollars for his reelection.

There seems to be nothing Tinseltown won’t do for the President.

Hollywood has spoken out for amnesty, and now they’re gearing up to lend their voices to help further propagandize a reluctant nation into abandoning their misgivings and fully submitting to Obamacare. It’s no secret that Hollywood is anxious to help Obama strong-arm America into accepting a form of healthcare that neither Obama nor Hollywood will ever have to endure.

According to young Australian historian/folk musician Ben Urwand’s book, The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact with Hitler, we now come to find out that Hollywood bigwigs may have been doing something similar during Hitler’s reign.

Could it be that while Jews were being gassed in concentration camps, Jewish studio bosses like MGM’s Louis Mayer were meeting with Nazi officials to discuss how to alter his films so as not to contradict Nazi propaganda? Author Ben Urwand contends they were.

Having reached these conclusions from reviewing material from both German and American archives, Urwand maintains that the partnership between Hollywood and the Third Reich was more formidable than once believed. Mr. Urwand’s findings suggest that “Hollywood [was]not just collaborating with Nazi Germany,” it was “collaborating with Adolf Hitler, the person and human being.”

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