Holder’s Hypocrisy Dance on Gay Marriage and Guns


Utah’s voters passed a resolution to not recognize gay marriages within their state. Much like when California also overwhelmingly passed a similar resolution those on the losing side of the issue sued to have the will of the people overturned.

Unlike California, the governor of Utah is not complicit the undermining of his own constituency’s voice and decided to fight the suit.

Initially an activist judge, Roberty Shelby, ruled that gay marriages must be performed in Utah. Roughly 1300 such marriages were allowed to go forward until the Supreme Court finally stepped in to place a stay on the ruling until the appeal of Utah was heard.

This is where corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama Administration decide to get involved.

Eric Holder has released a statement saying that the Federal Government will recognize these marriages even if their state does not.

Here is the video, take a minute to watch it because I’m about to break down some of the things he said and what it means when applied to gun rights.

Last year the Supreme Court made a landmark ruling.

Historic steps of equality for all Americans.

Department of Justice moves to implement it in both letter and SPIRIT.

While other matters our dealt with in court the Federal Government will RECOGNIZE the right regardless of what the state says.

People shouldn’t have to deal with uncertainty as litigation unfolds.

Coordinated ACROSS the federal government for TIMELY benefits.

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