Hmm…California City Moving to Criminalize Playground Bullies


Today’s news – California city moves to criminalize bullying with controversial ordinance.

So, I have a good friend who recently pulled her four year old out of preschool because he was being physically bullied and his teacher wasn’t doing anything about it. Her kid isn’t a wimp either. When he and his brother were toddlers, they told me that Dad taught them to “fight in the octagon.”

My friend’s kid didn’t hurt the bully, he simply held said bully in a headlock whenever bully started punching him. Four-years-old. 🙂

My friend went through all the appropriate steps. She told his teacher what was happening and asked her to intervene. Nothing improved. Then, she went to the principal of the school who simply referred her back to her son’s teacher. Ultimately, the situation only got worse and my friend wound up pulling her son out of the class.

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