Hillary’s Real Links to Terrorists and Nazis


At an Aug. 27 campaign stop in Cleveland, Ms. Clinton leveled the charge that the current lineup of Republican presidential candidates hold views on women’s issues that are akin to those of terrorist groups.

Was this outrageous? Extreme? Well, we’re talking Clintons here, so probably not.

The next day, before an audience in Minneapolis, Clinton employed verbiage evocative of the Holocaust to slander the GOP field. Suggesting that these scoundrels wish to “pull people out of their homes” and put these illegal immigrants in “boxcars,” she was no doubt attempting to reduce the candidates to the status of Nazis in the eyes of voters.

These were, as White House correspondent Keith Koffler stated, “obvious references to the German roundups of Jews in the last 1930s and early 1940s.” He also claimed that Clinton “knows exactly what she’s doing … whatever it takes to win mentality, devoid of scruple or any sense of decorum or morality.”

Or rather: Standard Clinton Operating Procedure.
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