Hillary’s Real Character Revealed by Secret Service Agents


You can tell a lot about a politician’s real character by how they treat others when the cameras are turned off; especially others in subservient positions to them.   According to a newly released book by best-selling author, Ronald Kessler, titled The First Family Detail, Hillary Clinton’s treatment of Secret Service agents and military personnel when the cameras aren’t rolling speaks volumes about her true character, and what it says is not good. According to Kessler, the presidents and first ladies Secret Service agents respected most and enjoyed serving most were George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara, George W. Bush and his wife Laura, and Ronald Reagan. They did not enjoy Nancy Reagan. Those they enjoyed serving least—no real surprise here—were Hillary Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore.

The Bushes and President Reagan were kind, considerate, and respectful toward agents. They treated them like the highly-dedicated, sacrificial professionals they are and made a point of taking care of the agents as the agents, in turn, were taking care of them. Apparently, just the opposite was and is true of Hillary Clinton. According to Kessler, as first lady Hillary Clinton was rude, imperious, inconsiderate, and condescending toward Secret Service personnel and the military. She refused to greet the men and women on her Secret Service detail and had them instructed to not greet or otherwise talk to her. Secret Service agents interviewed for Kessler’s book reported being treated like lowly peons by the first lady. If anything, she treated military aides even worse—demanding they wear civilian suits rather than uniforms when in the White House. Even more revealing of Hillary’s true character were her demands that White House staffers such as those who do routine maintenance and cleaning be unseen when performing their jobs. If she happened to walk by when maintenance or cleaning staff were working, they were instructed to jump behind drapes or step into a closet until the first lady passed so she would not have to be bothered seeing them.
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